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Why working with us?



We are one of the leading Trading Companies in China. We have 15 years of experience,

founded in 2003 at Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, the hub of all products in China.







     * Our main office is located in Yiwu since 2003.


     * Businessmen from all countries come to Yiwu to find any kind of product.


     * Yiwu is in Zhejiang Province, just 1.5 hours from Shanghai by bullet train.


     * "Yiwu International Trade City” is called too “Yiwu Futian Market”, and it´s

        the biggest wholesale and factories market complex in China and in the world.


     * Compared with Canton Fair, Yiwu market remains open all year round. While

        Canton Fair is a fair held twice a year mainly by manufacturers and you can´t

        buy and ship goods immediately. 











We connect China with the world


We are conveniently located where the main markets are and close to main fairs / trade shows facilities. We have offices, warehouses too close to the main shipping or distribution points like India and Singapore. This way we can offer you the best service and help you getting the best $ deal.